Best Yoga Clothing

What To Wear To Yoga

best-yoga-clothingYoga exercises involve a lot of poses, stretches, sitting cross-legged and twisting positions, comprising mostly low impact exercise. Yoga poses offer flexibility, balance, and strength.

Best Yoga Clothing For Men And Women

The best yoga clothing should therefore, be comfortable and stretchable. With superior performance fabric and superior shape retention feature, the best yoga clothes seem to move with your body and always stay in shape no matter how many twists and turns, lunges or bends you do.

Moisture wicking properties is essential to wick away sweat from your body, enabling you to stay cool, dry and comfortable throughout the yoga routine.

Hassle-free cleaning, fast drying and looking flattering are important features too.

Types of yoga clothes

Stylish yoga wear, sexy yoga clothing, cute yoga clothes, cool or designer yoga attire or perhaps you would rather wear organic yoga clothing; the choice is plenty.

You can have it tight fitting, loose or free flowing, depending on the type of yoga moves or even your mood. Simple yet flattering, comfortable and functional, yoga tops and pants can be worn anywhere and not just for yoga exercise.

Just the pants alone, there are so many styles. You have wide leg or bootcut yoga pants, loose with drawstring, tight fitting yoga capri pants, fold over yoga pants or the harem yoga pants.

Popular high performance yoga pants

Women’s Slimming Foldover Bootleg Flare Yoga pants is made up of 57% cotton, 38% polyester and 5% spandex for that stretch factor. Fold over at the waist, this flare yoga pants is very soft and comfortable¬† besides making you look slimmer.

Bella Cotton Spandex Yoga Workout Pants – Preshrunk and laundered 87% cotton 13% spandex, 8.0 ounce, these cotton spandex yoga pants are long, slightly flared with two piece waistband.


Plus Size Yoga Clothes

Doing yoga poses and lunges for the plus size fitness enthusiasts is made more comfortable with plus size yoga pants and tops as well as with more flattering appeal.

Yoga Socks

Yoga socks or toe socks help in a better grip and traction on the floor, thus giving better stability and control of movements. No more sliding and falling while doing planks or downward dog.

Yoga shorts, capri pants and tank tops are practical and comfortable, allowing for freedom of movement.

Going for a walk, running round the block, grocery shopping, going to college or just lazing around – wearing yoga outfit is a good and popular option.

Popular colors

Cool colors like white, beige or ice blue are very popular. Black yoga pants are also a hot favorite.

White is the color of choice especially for Kundalini yoga. To them, white represents the 7 colors and cotton represents the earth flower. White cotton yoga pants are permanent pieces of yoga clothing in their wardrobe.

Yoga Garments – Best Materials

Cotton and bamboo are commonly used as they absorb sweat well and are soft as well as  comfortable. Spandex or polyester adds to the ease of stretching factor. Bamboo yoga clothing naturally disposes and inhibits growth of bacteria, and has natural odor preventing properties.

Yoga garments are specially designed for smooth yoga movements. You can wear yoga clothing in any combination as long as you feel comfortable.

Stretchable spandex pants, sports bra or yoga tank top with a colorful yoga headband would make a comfortable and functional combination. Some prefer the top to stretch below the waistline so that when they do stretches, the top doesn’t pull up showing their belly.

However, just a simple t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants would be just as perfect, yoga wear is very flexible. Get yourself the best yoga mat and you are ready to start your sun salutation exercise.