Compression Tops Improve Athletic Performance

What are compression tops

compression-topsCompression tops for men and women help in optimal performance. Its special high tech construction helps in transporting oxygen to muscles real fast. It helps in improving blood circulation, supports tired muscles as well as aiding a speedy recovery.

You can train longer and more strenuously without feeling fatigue too quickly.

Compression tops aid the upper body in achieving its high demand for fitness and perfection. This helps in improving athletic performance.

Compression Tops by 2XU

Engineered for high performance, 2XU sports apparel include a wide range of compression garments. Compression tops and tights, shirts and shorts, compression socks and stockings, compression guards and sleeves catering to a wide range of sports such as football, basketball, running, triathlon and lots more.

2XU list of flattering compression tops for women as well as for men come with impressive features. Take for example their Women’s short sleeve Compression Top made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex.

Manufactured with high power denier offering support to triceps, biceps, pectorals as well as deltoids. Optimal flexibility and unrestricted movement is made possible by their exclusive PWX FLEX fabric and Raglan sleeve construction.

Significant feature of its PWX fabric includes its high grade elastomeric yarns and a superior grade circular knit structure ensuring a stretch up to 360 degree.

All these contributes to reduced muscle fatigue and damage so often seen in high performance sports people. Compression sportswear also contribute to faster recovery from muscle strain and fatigue.

Its Flatlock seam construction and moisture wicking properties also help in preventing chafing and rashes due to excessive sweating or friction.

Antibacterial properties prevent foul smelling odor due to excessive sweat absorbed into the garment.

UPF50+ sun protection protects the wearer from the harmful rays of the sun. All these contributes to a cool, comfortable and fast training.


Compression Tops from Under Armour

Under Armour, known for their high tech compression sportswear for both hot and cold weather, has a wide range of compression tops for both men and women.

Their latest baselayer innovation, the HeatGear Sonic Compression top boasts of powerful compression with maximum comfort. Made from polyester and elastane, it has moisture wicking properties to keep you cool.

Its anti-odor technology keeps you smeeling fresh even after a tiring run.

A 4 way stretch fabrication ensures great mobility and freedom of movement. And a chafe-free flatlock seam construction ensures minimizes chafing and sore skin.

Made to help the aspiring as well as the endurance athlete, every bit helps in surging forward ahead of the rest.

Best Size Compression Tops

Getting the right fit is important. Meant to be a good and firm fit, getting the correct size is essential to reap the benefits of wearing compression garments.

Wearing the right size means your compression outfit is giving you just the right amount of graduated pressure.

It should let you experience a wide range of flexible movements, feels light and comfortable.

Many uses of compression garments

Compression garments are not only used by professional athletes to get a head start in exercise performance.

Some people wear it for a good posture, some when traveling long distance and they are also those who wear it after a strenuous round of training to aid muscle soreness recovery.

It is also used in hospitals to speed up recovery in post-operative patients. Compression socks encourage venous blood flow, minimizes fluid built-up and thus prevents thrombosis or blood clots.

For those who stand a lot, compression tights or compression socks might help in preventing swollen ankles.

Some people wear compression top as an underlayer, preferring their top shirt to be a looser fit instead.

During hot weather conditions, an underlayer compression T-shirt with its sweat wicking properties and skin tight construction, helps to keep you cool.

Brands such as Skins, CompresSport, CEP, Sugoi, CW-X offer more choices for compression tops for men and women.

Do compression tops work?

Compression gear do not come cheap. So what are the advantages of compression clothing?

According to¬† researches, “wearing compression tights during running exercise may enhance overall circulation and decrease muscle oscillation to promote a lower energy expenditure at a given prolonged submaximal speed”.

Serious endurance athletes as well as the occasional runner do get some benefits from compression clothing.

Compression clothing stresses on comfort, durability, highly breathable feature, technical fabrication, boost muscle power and enhancing athletic performance, as well as minimizing muscle stress and damage.

It also speeds up recovery after an intense round of training.

Built with breakthrough technology helping you to reach new heights in your quest for the ultimate challenge, compression tops with the second skin texture, minimizes the discomfort of sweat and heat and let you stay focused on your training.